vibrating massager JE JOUE g-kii purple

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If you're dreaming of the perfect vibrator that will adjust just for you, then it's time for you to buy a Je Joue - G-Kii Purple vibrator. You can adjust the angle of the bend and 100% fixation of the position to target the G-spot, select the appropriate speed from 5 possible and try all 7 vibration options to enjoy again and again. Everything is as simple as possible: one button to change the shape of the vibrator and 3 more to control. It simultaneously affects both the G-spot and the clitoris.
A unique vibrator with a special design that allows you to adjust it to the characteristics of the body of each woman. Just press the button on the body of the vibrator and bend it the way you want, in accordance with individual desires and characteristics of the body. Release the button and the position will be fully fixed. Enjoy!
The G-Kii vibrator is an easy to use, stylish and functional gadget:
- unique design that allows you to bend the vibrator to the desired position and fix it;
- 5 vibration speeds and 7 rhythmic patterns allow you to choose stimulation at will, from gentle and teasing to amazingly powerful;
- simple control of three buttons: “+” and “-” to adjust the vibration speed and “~” to switch rhythm modes;
- completely waterproof, it will help make a warm bath even more relaxing and inspiring;
- vibrations apply to both the clitoris and the G-spot, so that the pleasure is as complete as possible.
The G-Kii vibrator motor operates at a low frequency, which provides soft deep vibrations and minimal noise. The body is covered with seamless silicone.
Length, cm: 22.8
Diameter, cm: 5
Number of vibration speeds: 7
Number of vibration modes: 5
Number of motors: 2
Packing Type: Box
Brand: Je Joue
Battery Type: Rechargeable+USB
Weight, gr.: 192
Waterproof: Yes
Material: Silicone
Care: Soap and water
What to use with: Water-based lubricants
Battery charging time, minutes: 120
Operating time, minutes: 120
Complete set: Vibrating massager, charging cable. instruction.
Gross weight, gr.: 496
Packaging dimensions (LxWxH), sm: 7.87 x 30.99 x 7.87
Brand Country: UK
Country of manufacture: UK
Brand: Je Joue
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