Lubricant Shameless AQUA Intimate

This is the basic Shameless product that suits everyone: it does not cause allergic reactions, it is gentle on the skin, and it does not have a strong odor. And it can become the basis of any intimate cosmetic bag! Aqua intimate gel classic moisturizes the skin, relieves dryness and discomfort during intimacy. And thus, it allows you to expand the boundaries of your pleasure: after all, knowing that any experience is now associated only with pleasant sensations, you can afford a little more, right?
The lubricant is water-based. The texture and feel of the gel is close to natural lubrication. This is different from lubricants with thickeners in the composition - with them the consistency of the product would be more viscous. But less safe for the mucosa and flora. Shameless made a choice in favor of your comfort and health - that's why Aqua intimate gel classic is slightly more fluid than other lubricants. Since the key ingredient in Aqua intimate gel classic is water, it dries faster than oil and silicone gels. But it is the water base that is suitable for regular use, does not form a heavy film on the skin, retaining only the natural sensations of intimacy. And yet - does not leave marks on the linen and is easily washed off the skin.
For very gentle care, Shameless has developed a neutral pH product (7.1 is about the same level of acidity as water). For this reason, the gel does not affect the flora and does not cause discomfort. Even if there are microdamages on the skin (for example, irritation from shaving or epilation), Aqua intimate gel classic does not cause a burning sensation - unlike more “acidic” products. The formula also includes panthenol and allantoin, which accelerate skin regeneration and act as a local anesthetic. To minimize the risk of any discomfort.
The gel does not contain fragrances and dyes, this reduces the risk of allergies or the fact that at the crucial moment you will be distracted by the pungent smell of the fragrance. Shameless has done everything so that you can focus on the main thing - the pleasure of intimacy with a partner or practicing in a "solo" format.
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